griffin byron, designer


I have been designing and developing websites for over 10 years. My work complies with industry standards, with a refined touch and hand-crafted feel. Web work is about solving problems Solving problems in a seamless way that is intuitive, aesthetically compelling, and easy to navigate is the goal of all my web design. All my production-ready code is minified for speed. And I always keep an up-to-date copy of the development code, with all the Grunt files source files, on github.

agency work

I strive to exceed client expectations in a collaborative environment. I work with clients in teams of art directors, media peoples, account executives, developers, copywriters and local artists. Aside from assisting with whole website updates or redesigns, I have participated in client meetings, created and updated various banner ads and been a clear voice in the development on new campaigns. Examples are below.


I do commercial ad banner animations. Actually, I do all types of animations. But you'll have to see my art portfolio for those... Further down are examples of my agency work.Examples are below.


a handful of trifles from my times in the commercial arena. I like to use Adobe Edge, Maya, After Effects & Flash for the moving image. I do other kinds of animation, but you'll have to see my portfolio for that...

mobile development & design

Mobile design isn't tiny web design. It's not about making content look great on smaller screens. It is about delivering responsive content to users on the go, using the unique capabilities of mobile devices such as GPS and phone dialing to enhance the overall experience.

It's about seamlessly integrating content into users' daily lives -- connecting them socially, anticipating their needs, and creating dynamic, meaningful interaction.


When I am not coding for the web, or designing in the commercial setting, I enjoy creating 2D and 3D art, using traditional means such as acrylic and oils on canvas, watercolors and pastels, as well as clay, cast-glass, wood and metal for sculpture. Lately, I have been exploring other materials through other processes, such as fabrication, CNC, Rapid Prototyping and laser cutting. So you can probably see me hanging out at Techshop, more often than not... Check out my Instructables, to see recent projects!


Slick animations turn me on. I have been animating over the last 12 years, using predominately After Effects and Flash. In addition to these, I now tend to use Edge Animate, Maya, Blender, HTML5 Canvas, Processing and openFrameworks. What I use naturally depends on what the gig is.

For 3D & video, I have been leaning towards Blender, ever since I ceased being a student and can't get Maya for free. For video (not that I have done much, to date) I use Premiere and After Effects. For real-time openGL processing, I tend to use Max 6 (Jitter), openProcessing, Quartz Composer and, to a lesser extent, Processing. For web-based stuff, like agency ads, banners etc, I use Edge Animate, Createjs, Easeljs, Canvas and CSS Transitions. The web is still in a process of maturation, and until a new standard arises ubiquitous for moving vector/non-encapsulated moving graphics, I tend more towards Edge, even though it spits out bloated un-semantic code.

who I am and what I do

I am a DC-based multimedia artist and designer for print and media. I love design. I love how life influences design. I love how design influences life. I also really enjoy working with cool people to create really, really amazing things.

I like to think that I craft things that are meaningful and beautiful. A restless creativist who believes curiosity and hard work are the way to make things that matter. I'm not a rockstar. I'm not a ninja. I'm just a guy that loves to make things that can have a real and lasting impact in people's lives.

People say I'm reliable and detail-orientated, but I don't think I have ever been aware of these things. I think it has always been more about pushing my own boundaries in a group context, creatively and in my tech chops. And I get really thrilled when I am a part of a seamless integration of advertising/marketing and fashion-forward design. Grab my resume here.

Aside from art and design, I also enjoy hanging with my pug Wilbur, playing table pool with friends, waistcoats, swimming and music galore. I am also a pianist, and was a top notch pro performer in a previous life....

the way I work


Each project as its own truly individual story. Every project is a good one, no matter what its size, schedule, budget or subject.

Tolleson Design, in "Soak, Wash, Rinse, Spin"

My process differs greatly, depending on the gig, project, timeline, scope and people. Generally, I believe in mockups occurring around the same time as deciphering grphaical/look elements, and thus, tend to abstain from wireframing. It i easier to get a sense of a look and feel in these early stages is mockups have color, style and other visual elements. That way, refinement of the assets can take on precision at the same stage as blocking out content.

I love to be a key player responisible for deilverables from initial ideation, design mocks, before tackling marketing direction and implementation through to production launch. I love being a part of a complete design lifecycle - from discussions with vendors, team assessments and dissemination of tasks, before the conception, creation and execution of the “look and feel” of online digitals and all marketing and branding materials.

UX strategy

User-centered research methods allow for a focus on the client's target group, where all deliverables are functional and beautiful but show innovative and highly gratifying experiences.


Signifiers: are there any symbols, datasets or touch points that are relevant/can be tapped into? How can the interface become more transparent, intuitive, accessible, adaptive and content-driven? How can we give the user a unique experience?


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